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          Sizing for your StarBreast Nipple Jewellery  


StarBreast nipple jewellery is sized by nipple diameter.  We offer different sizes from 7.5 mm up to 20 mm.

If you don't have calipers at hand, one easy way to determine your nipple size is to use a small piece of paper, preferably light cardboard.

1) On one edge, make two slits, leaving a space slightly smaller than the diameter of your nipple.  Making sure the slits are parallel will ensure a more accurate measurement.

2) Then, fold up, or cut/tear off the middle flap of paper formed by the two slits so that you now have an opening in the piece of paper.

3) Fit your nipple into the opening, and make slight adjustments to the size of the opening with a pair of scissors until the opening matches exactly your nipple diameter. Accurately sizing the opening will decrease the chance of ordering jewellery that does not hold on to your nipple properly. Now, all you need to do is measure this opening as accurately as possible to get the right size for your StarBreast.