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            Non-surgical Solutions for Inverted Nipples 


Inverted nipples are not uncommon, and are found in varying degrees in as many as 10% of women. People may immediately think of correcting them through cosmetic surgery. However, surgical correction is not only expensive, but is also invasive and can prevent or impair the breasts' ability to lactate milk. Surgery can also result in decreased or abolished nipple sensitivity. 

fix inverted nipples



There are however non-surgical solutions available.

Sometimes nipples can be coaxed out through gentle rolling. If this is the case, once the nipple is out, by rolling them between the thumb and forefinger for a few minutes each day can encourage them them to stay out. However, caution should be exercised to prevent trauma to the nipple.

The Hoffman Technique
The Hoffman Technique attempts to loosen adhesions at the base of inverted nipples. Using your two thumbs, press firmly on both sides of the nipple. Thumbs should be placed opposite to each other, on either side of the base of the nipple. While pressing, pull your thumbs away from each other. This works to stretch the nipple and loosen the skin around the base, encouraging the nipple to come out. Repeat the technique 5 times a day, each time moving the thumbs around the nipple at different positions.

Devices that apply suction on the nipple also exist to help pull the inverted nipple out. With regular use, over a period of several weeks, the nipple will gradually come out and can eventually remain out. For some, this provides a permanent, noninvasive method for drawing the nipple out.

No matter which method used, wearing StarBreast nipple jewellery is a helpful maintenance device. Wearing StarBreast jewellery, even occasionally will help keep your nipples out, until can eventually remain out on its own.

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