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  Frequently Asked Questions 


Do I need a piercing to wear StarBreast nipple jewellery?
No, absolutely not. Our jewellery is made to be worn around the nipple.

How do I put on StarBreast nipple jewellery?
It's easy! Gently wiggle your nipple through the centre of the StarBreast jewellery.

Will StarBreast nipple jewellery fit all nipple shapes?
No, women with flat nipples will not be able to wear our jewellery.

Can StarBreast nipple jewellery help with inverted nipples?
Yes, in many cases StarBreast nipple jewellery trains inverted nipples to stay out and erect. For more information, read our page on non-surgical solutions for inverted nipples.

How much does StarBreast nipple jewellery cost?
The price for one pair, in either surgical stainless steel or copper, is 79.00, including free standard shipping. For conversion into other currencies, please consult a currency converter, such as the one found at

What is surgical stainless steel?
Surgical stainless steel is a high-grade stainless steel, different from the stainless steel used for everyday objects such as knives and forks. It is smooth, strong, and corrosion-resistant. For this reason, it is used for making surgical instruments. Surgical stainless steel is also a good material for jewellery for people with skin allergies.

How much is shipping?
StarBreast offers free standard worldwide shipping on all orders. If you prefer to have your order shipped with tracking, add 4 to your order. For shipment with insurance and signature upon delivery, add 6 to your order.

How can I order a gold or sterling silver version of StarBreast jewellery?
Just send us your request to the email address below:

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept payment by Paypal. For more information about PayPal, please visit their website at

What if I ordered the wrong size?
If you have ordered the wrong size and would like to exchange your StarBreast jewellery for another size, you can do so for a fee of 14, reshipping costs included. Send us back your StarBreast jewellery and we will send you a pair in your size.